Kitchen Workstation Series #6: Odds and Ends Station

In this series we teach you how to organize a ketchen that will work for you, not against you, by setting up work stations. The Odds and Ends Station: Some stations aren't part of the cooking, exactly, but many families find their life centers around the kitchen in other ways, and a station needs to be set up. You may want a coffee or tea station if that is your ritual in the morning. Many people also use their kitchen to sort mail and keep the family calendar, or a grocery list, or a to do list, or just to keep messages so they know where everyone is going. Everyone has supplies for washing dishes like soap and sponges. And many people also use thier kitchen's storage space to store other cleaning supplies, such as the mop, broom, buckets, scrub brushes, dusting rags, and all the polishes and other sprays. Designate one place to hold everything so you're not running from room to room just to polish a few mirrors or wipe up a floor. Get a few buckets or carry-all type containers to keep items for specific tasks all together and you'll be able to grab and go clean without going back and forth. Like everyone else you probably also have some odds and ends that you don't use every day. Those are the things that you can store in a buffet, china cabinet, or other out of the way place. You may have a collection of nice tablecloths, napkins, and other tableware. You may have some dishes that don't come out often. Perhaps you have appliances and utensils that are used only a few times a year. Keep those stored somewhere other than the kitchen. If you aren't cooking and serving with it often, move it. You may or may not be able to implement all of these ideas depending on your kitchen. But, take a look at the basic thoughts. You can make your kitchen work for you by organizing your kitchen into stations, even if they are small stations. This is the final installment of the Kitchen Workstation Series, we hope you've enjoyed it, and we hope you've learned some good tips for keeping a tip-top kitchen!


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