Kitchen Workstation Series #4: Leftover Station

In this series we teach you how to organize a kitchen that will work for you, not against you, by setting up work stations. Leftover Station: After a meal, you'll need a place where you can wrap it all up, so grab storage containers to put away all the leftovers. There are many good ways that you can store your leftovers for later. Whether you use plastic containers, plastic bags, or just put the food on plates and cover with plastic wrap or foil, you will want all those items conveniently located somewhere between the dinner table and the sink. If you take them out and have them ready, you'll be packing away your leftovers much faster and easier. There are many storage bins you can install inside a cupboard or pantry door to stock boxes of storage bags, plastic wrap, and tin foil so it's easy to access. If you use plastic containers, you'll want a shelf or bin nearby to keep them in. You want to grab a container and spoon in the leftovers right from the table before you set the casserole in the sink to soak. Remember, if you can easily move your leftovers from the table to the refrigerator or freezer, the chances of getting the chore done quickly increases.


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