Kitchen Workstation Series #2: Cooking Station

In this series we teach you how to organize a kitchen that will work for you, not against you, by setting up work stations. Cooking Station: This is the station where you will want to keep your pots, pans, spatulas, big spoons, and hot-pads close for easy access while cooking. Use your oven's storage drawer, along with the nearest cubboards. If your choices for storage are very limited, look into buying clever organizers specifically designed for cooking equipment. There are also storage options that hang or mount to the wall or inside the cabinets or on the countertop. You may also consider a small rolling cart to house your cooking equipment. The good thing about rolling carts is that you can easily move them out of the way when you're not using it. And don't forget your favorite seasonings and spices need to be handy while cooking. If you have room in a cupboard near the stove, install a 'Lazy Susan' organizer. You'll find inexpensive plastic styles that fit most cabinets. A small rack can easily be installed on a wall near the stove. Also look at shelves that are meant to hold pictures. You can find narrow shelves, sometimes packaged in sets, that would be perfect to store a selection of seasonings. A neatly organized spice rack or cupboard can save you time and aggravation when cooking.


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